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Roberto Duarte, Medienkunst -- Schokoladenfabrik -- Marktstraße 138

Roberto Duarte. Visual Arts, Universidad de Chile.
Since the early 90s works basicly with Photo and Video, as well with Sound, Instalations, Performance and Site Specific Projects; most in colaboration with other Artists, Musicians, Theatre Directors and Coreographers. His works has been exhibited in Chile, Argentina, México, USA, Spain and Germany. By the moment he turn the face completelly to work by chance, with ephemeral encounters, finding a path through improvisation

Roberto Duarte
Treptowerstr. 21
12059 Berlin

Treptowerstr. 21
Telefon: +49 176 967 64274

E-Mail: mail[at]

Paso -Schritt- (Single Channel Version), Mini DV Pal (4:3), Farbe 2´57, Santiago, Chile 2005

Fluss, Mini DV Pal (4:3), Farbe 3´36, Berlin 2008

2´12, Mini DV Pal (4:3), Farbe 3´36, Berlin 2008

Reflektionen, Mini DV Pal, Farbe 6´50, Berlin 2009