Impressionen 2010

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Lothar Mattejat, Malerei, Design, Film und Musik -- OZM One Zero More / Art Space Sternschanze -- Bartelsstraße 65

Bon voyage in-between.

  My Head - the internal of my Head-Simplex, complex, multiplex connected. You are not the extension of my eye. I am the extension of your eye. Constantly in search of in- between. Interfaces in the head, bizarre things, which transcribe themselves in physical ascertainable forms.

Lothar Mattejat
Mattejat, Lothar
Bartelsstrasse 65
20357 Hamburg
Tel.: 049 / 50719508 oder 0176 / 29598257

E-Mail: Lotron[at]

A World 220x120cm

B World 220x120cm.jpg

Universal Soldier 250x200cm